Welcome to a site that delves in to The Depths of life and explores the mystery beyond the surface! This is a place to uncover lost treasures and to discover layers of yourself you may not know exist. Learn to navigate your uncharted terrain by exploring The Nine Depths. Using the Depth Gauge to your left, select The Depth that's most appealing to you. Consider the material that's presented and see if you can apply it to your life. Take your time with the content, as it needn't be done all at once. Feel free to revisit The Depths whenever you need to find your bearings or would like to receive more out of life.


The mission of Depths Mystery is to help individuals hone in on their precise location, including their mental, physical, and emotional coordinates. Locating all of who you are is imperative for your well-being. Attention is often dispersed across the fabric of time, but by collecting and stitching together lost emotional masses, your anatomical structure will uniformly align. Upon each discovery, you will begin to build a more cohesive and well-formed body, which will ultimately allow you to unleash the full power of your united life-force, the fuel required to move your Being into its most beneficial position.


What is your optimal destination? What emotions, feelings, or experiences are waiting for you there? Can you imagine the setting? What characters, if any, will join you there? Destiny is a destination where all needs find fulfillment, ushering in the deepest possible level of satisfaction. Why settle for living on the surface of life, with its trivial rewards, fleeting joys, and unfulfilled needs? The deeper you go, the more you'll receive, and the further your satisfaction will last... until one day it's a constant. When you keep the goal of all needs fulfilled, and are willing to learn, you will eventually arrive. If you'd like to arrive sooner, take the heading into your own hands and actively do the work. True liberty, harmony, and the awakened state can be yours! Be the conscious navigator and your destiny will unfold.


Your body is a treasure trove. DNA is a cellular library that contains wisdom from across the ages! Cells have authority on life. If you honor these elder forms who have survived this planet for billions of years, you will uncover an internal guidance system hidden in its code. Depths Mystery offers nine biological tool analogies designed to make it easier for you to work with your body's natural tendencies. When you allow this wisdom into your decision-making, it will lead you to extraordinary discoveries. There are immaculate jewels waiting in the deepest darkest regions of life. Are you willing to enter The Depths to see what you can find?

Treasure Chest