What is the importance of something in your life? What is the reason it is important? What does it represent? What power does it hold? Significance means that something can cause an effect, or has been to shown to create a consequence. Determining the significance of the matter in your life starts by discovering the effects it has on your life. If something always produces the same result, it is deemed a physical law, like gravity. If there is variability in the outcome, there may be several contributing factors creating the result. The scientific method seeks to isolate those variables to discover the most significant cause(s), and to exclude correlations due to chance.


Where is the dark matter that physicists need to account for the missing mass in the Big Bang model of the universe? Where are the particles that have no radiation and no charge, but hold mass? Where are the dense regions, like neutron stars and black holes that hold a lot of mass, but are much smaller in nature? Similar to the yet to be discovered dark matter, there are elusive aspects in each of our lives that exist undetected, but still pose noticeable effects. Discovering the hidden influences in your life starts by noticing the distribution of ordinary matter. Where has something been displaced? Where has an impact occurred? Where are the effects? Which bodies, systems, or forms have unexpectedly changed their course? The search for the missing mass that's caused an anomaly often includes a rational hypothesis and rigorous testing, until it is fundamentally discovered. Which sources of influence are impacting your life? Pinpointing the location of each relevant mass will allow you to work with the laws of physics, instead of going against nature.


Gravity pulls matter together into a centralized mass. The more matter involved, the greater the mass. The greater the mass, the more influence it will have on nearby objects. While physicists detect gravitational influence only with extremely large bodies, such as the moon and the sun, there is a way to work with it on an individual (or soul) basis. Gravitating is pulling together (and holding together in your mind and heart) the collective emotions you feel from the sum of your experiences across time. Unfortunately there is the human tendency to forget components of one's history over the span of lifetime(s). But regardless of a conscious memory, the feelings still exist. Significant events produce fairly large emotional experiences and often disperse vast amounts of energy. If the event was traumatic, a person might dissociate from the experience, never realizing that a part of themselves (their feelings) became separated from their being. This emotion still exists, often hidden in various forms of matter. The goal of gravitating is to re-collect the emotional energy that was dispersed or removed from your main form of mass (i.e. your body). When you regain this energy, your mass of influence will increase. Holding all of your emotional experiences together in one spot will enable you to have a larger effect on nearby objects. You might even find that your luck seems to change, with things that you need coming to you with ease. But you must keep these feelings with you (in your mind and heart) at all times to be able to hold on to that which begins to orbit around you.


Mass is the amount of matter an object holds, and it can be measured using a balance scale. This apparatus uses a standard (or known) mass as a reference to measure whether an unknown mass is equal to, less than, or greater than the reference mass. Using any standard reference, a person can estimate mass without an actual balance scale. For example, by measuring the impact an object has on the surrounding matter you can get an idea of how much mass was involved. To use your impact scale, simply compare the amount of change/disruption to a standard reference, such as normal activities/processes. A large disruption or a big impact implies more mass. A small disruption or a tiny impact implies less mass. Note, mass is not equivalent to physical size, lots of matter can compact into a tiny area; so do not be deceived by the size of the object in question. Also, as a theoretical model proposed by Depths Mystery, matter can be linked through emotional feelings increasing the total mass of the perceived collective unit, and increasing its impact power. Feel free to test this yourself, measure the impact certain matters have in your life. Look for the amount of disruption. If it's a large disruption, but only a tiny mass is indicated at the surface, there may be some hidden mass being linked to it in your mind, through your emotions. If this is the case, there is more matter involved, however it may be matter that had an influence in the past yet is still present in your mind and therefore causing large disruptions to your life. Of course this is a subjective experience, others will not experience the same amount of disruption that you do from a certain form of matter, but it is extremely relevant nonetheless, especially to the individual and to those who interact with him/her.

Here's a sample scale you may use to measure the impact experiences have in your life:

Galactic Scale: impacts reach the level of star systems effecting vast amounts of time (epochs)
Mega Scale: impacts a planet for a significant portion of the planet's age (eras)
Grand Scale: impacts major systems and disrupts for long lengths of time (lifetimes)
Large Scale: impacts several systems for years (decades)
Medium Scale: impacts local routines with disruptions lasting for weeks (lunar cycles)
Small Scale: impacts general moods and the disruptions last for a few days (half a week)
Minor Scale: impacts schedule and disrupts for several hours (part of a day)
Micro Scale: impacts reach inches away with disruptions lasting for minutes (a moment)
Atomic Scale: impacts at the level of particles and lasts less than a second (nanoseconds)

If you discover any large disruptions from seemingly small masses (like a butterfly disturbing your entire day), note all of the matter that's involved and the symbolism of it. This can clue you in to an original event, and help to make the unconscious components of your soul conscious again. If it's a normal mass-to-disruption ratio, the scale will at least give you an awareness of the amount of changes you can expect, thereby providing a context to plan for the necessary accommodations and adjustments until it subsides.


To not know the true cause of influence means you won't know where to place your mass/put your weight. A tendency to want to escape bad feelings, not wanting to make a decided imprint, or avoiding consequences at every turn will actually make your influence in the world nearly obsolete. Not having any significant effect has the consequence of you not really mattering. But you DO matter and your influence can make a real difference, but you need to consolidate your mass somewhere. Pick a spot and bring your mass together there. Find confidence in your choice to cause an effect by knowing your particular history. If you are unsure about the best place to assert yourself, this may indicate that an Eighth Depth pathology is obscuring your ability to understand what is impacting your life.

If any of the following conditions exist, you may have an 8th Depth attention requirement: Bad luck. Re-occurring traumatic experiences. Overreacting to seemingly meaningless events. Dissociating from feelings. Refusal to acknowledge the significance of dreams, imagery, or symbols. Overcome by the mundane. Unable to exert an effective shift. Losing arguments even when you have sound information. Unable to make things stick. Being forgotten about. Losing your way. Lost causes.


Depths Mystery offers education services designed to simplify the complexities of human nature and the law of free will. You are welcome to take classes in any particular order, or sign up for dedicated training to become a master. If you'd prefer a more guided approach, you can uncover the masses influencing your life through one on one coaching. For more information, see Mystery School and Healing Clinic.

Other conscious-making resources include scientific studies and the field of physics to learn true cause and effect. Also taking the time to think through the physical chain of events (if this causes this, then what might that cause) is an effective self-administered approach toward mastering an awareness of the 8th depth.