Jin Shin Jysutsu (Art of the Creator through Compassionate Man) is a pressure-point healing system that originated long ago in the land of Japan. For many years the knowledge lay dormant, nearly lost, until a man by the name of Jiro Murai revived it in the 20th century. Mr. Murai was divinely shown aspects of the art during his near-death health crisis. Upon his miraculous recovery, he began researching ancient imperial texts and rediscovered these healing methods along with The Nine Depths philosophy. He spent many years treating others, refining his knowledge before passing the art on to just a couple of select students.


A Japanese-American woman by the name of Mary Ino/Burmeister studied Jin Shin Jysutsu with Jiro Murai and brought it to the United States in the 1950's. Mary passed away in 2008, but her legacy is strong and the organization she founded, Jin Shin Jysutsu, Inc., continues to offer seminars to instruct students on the techniques of applying this ancient healing art on themselves and others. One of her students, a psychotherapist by the name of Stephanie Mines, created The T.A.R.A. Approach (Tools for Awakening Resources and Awareness), which uses Jin Shin as a tool for healing shock and trauma. Dr. Mines, along with certified instructors, train individuals and organizations on the use of Jin Shin T.A.R.A. through a non-profit organization called The Dom Project.


After studying Jin Shin T.A.R.A. with The Dom Project from 2003-2009, Rhea connected to the World Wide Web in 2018. Instead of traditional teaching on the techniques of the art form, her focus is on promoting awareness about the philosophy behind it. The main concept passed down over the years is that The Nine Depths is a model for how energy denses down into form, but the exact process seemed to be a mystery. Depths Mystery was created in 2009 to further explore the structure behind this model. Over the course of nine years, Rhea was on a quest, seeking answers from modern viewpoints in physics, biological and geological evolution, astronomy, anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience. The Nine Depths appears to not only be a healing model, but a model that describes the nature of the universe. Utilizing common tools as analogies, Depths Mystery seeks to bring this model into everyday use through tangible illustrations on the mechanics of each Depth.