Depths Mystery is built upon the concept of The Nine Depths, a philosophical model that describes the nature of the universe. While this ancient model provides the basic framework, several academic concepts have been incorporated to add substantial evidence to the theory. Emerging from the synthesis of multiple perspectives, The-Depths.com is a personal growth platform designed to elevate awareness. No prior experience is required.


This site is full of questions designed to prompt an intellectual expedition to get to the heart of where valuable mental-substance resides. It is based on the wisdom found in eastern healing philosophy, namely Five Element Theory. For the western mindset, metaphors of common physical tools are used to ease the acquisition of concepts. Ultimately, learning to listen to what the body communicates through its expressions of feelings and sensations (a universal language) will best guide you through your self-exploration endeavor.


Depths Mystery was founded by Rhea (previous teacher of Jin Shin T.A.R.A., see Lineage), as a truth-seeking mystical place to learn, heal, and grow. The Nine Depths holds the secrets of the universe and within it a path toward an evolved understanding. Delving in to its mystery is a fulfilling and rewarding journey, and through this website, these experiences are available for all. For those who wish to indulge further, personal healing and training programs are available as well.