What's deviated from neutrality? Is it a positive or a negative deviation? Consider your thoughts. Which of your opinions are positive? Which of your opinions are negative? Are the opinions of others positive or negative? Can you detect a charge? Do you know what prompted it? A charged opinion can influence a person to come into compliance, which is useful when harmonizing with other life forms, but risky if or when freewill is at stake. Understanding the nature of each charge is essential for proper alignment with your optimal destiny.


As charged particles move, an electrical current and a magnetic force is produced. Inside brain and muscle cells, charges in the form of ions (positive or negative atoms) move across membranes at various rates. As muscles contract or release and thinking increases or decreases, the rate of the current can be measured using an electrophysiological device. An echocardiogram (EKG) measures the rate of ionic movement within the heart's muscle cells. An electroencephalogram (EEG) measures the frequency of ionic movement within the brain's neural cells. Even without a scientific device, you can roughly detect it on your own by simply noticing how active your thoughts and muscles are. Which part of your body is conducting the most current right now? Which muscles are moving? Are your thoughts moving fast, slow, or holding steady? Are your muscle currents and thoughts currents in synch with each other? Can your body keep up with where your thoughts are taking it? And conversely, can your thoughts keep up with where your body has been? Is there any area of your body or brain that dominates most of this activity? Which areas produce little to no current? How widespread or concentrated is your current, at any given time?


Propagating is facilitating the growth or multiplication of something through breeding, spreading, or promoting it. Thoughts have a tendency to multiply. If you want to see more or less of something in this world, consider your thoughts. Similar to radio transmission, Depths Mystery theorizes that messages can be sent outward on the electromagnetic waves being produced by your biophysical currents. Those exposed to these brain wave transmissions may consciously or unconsciously pick-up the signal and receive your messages. If you've ever instinctively felt the need to reach out to someone, it's likely you've received his or her message. The radial distance of the transmission will vary depending on the strength of the signal behind it. Strong emotionally backed thoughts tend to transmit further than more trivial thoughts. When several people are thinking the same thought, it will produce a group transmission, boosting the signal and carrying it to a further away audience. Repetitive thoughts send out a regular pattern, which increases the opportunity for the message to be decoded/understood by the receiver (if someone hears something several times, they're more likely to pay attention and actually get the message). In addition to the human ability to pick up on these transmissions, cells, plants, animals, insects, disembodied spirits, and otherworldly entities can also pick up on these signals, and may respond to your requests. If you find something has come into your life unexpectedly, take a look back at your previous wants, to see if it might be an intelligent response. Oftentimes people are "asking" for things they don't really need, so it's important to regularly monitor your wishes and desires. Consciously transmitting messages when you are in need is an option available for you to use at any time, which can be fine-tuned and wisely applied with practice. Facilitating thoughts that do not serve a beneficial purpose is unwise and may actually spread systemic pathologies.


Your attention is like a spotlight, which highlights only certain areas of life at a time. While the subject matter of your thoughts gets to flourish in the light of your awareness, everything else is ignored and kept in the dark. Watching the way your attention moves from subject to subject is like watching the way a spotlight follows a performer on stage. The matter of most importance is highlighted, monitored, and tracked, until a new subject arrives and assumes the light. At times, the motion of your attention spotlight will act on automatic, following certain matter without any manual control over where it aims. At other times though, you can get a handle on it and point it in a preferred direction or prevent it from moving in a less optimal direction. It takes discipline to manually push the spotlight into the best position at any given time. Positive or negative judgments provide an incentive to keep the attention within approved parameters (aka certain thought currents). Healthy judgments offer positive opinions for thought matter that helps and negative opinions for thought matter that hurts. Unhealthy judgments consist of positive opinions for thought matter that hurts and negative opinions for thought matter that helps. Programming the automatic controls of your attention by consistently steering toward the helpful currents and away from the harmful currents will allow you to use your thought resources most productively. Once an acceptable route for the thought current becomes established, and is repeated enough times, a pattern will be set and the automatic function can take over control again. Monitoring your attention spotlight to only follow the thoughts that are significant to you is a vital component in maintaining freewill.


Excessive thoughts in one region often indicate a deficiency in another region. If the amplitude is turned up too much, or too often, it can cause harm to that area of your mind/body. It's important to have a broad range of activity, from high to low frequencies and concentrated to broad spans. Any stuck thought pattern will create too much deviation. Refusing to attend to matter that is important for your well-being, and/or exclusive attention into matter that does not help you, illustrates a Seventh Depth pathology.

If any of the following conditions exist, you may have a 7th Depth attention requirement: Outmoded beliefs. Being consumed by what others think. Unhealthy judgments.  Ignoring problems. Thinking too much. Feeling fried. Hyperactive. Jittery. Lack of synchronicity. Inability to relax or inability to be aroused/activated. Polarized. Stuck in one mode.


Depths Mystery offers educational programs based on a mind-awareness approach to illness. The premise is that the cure and cause for all dis-ease is rooted in one's thoughts. Thought-skills are imperative to create a better future for yourself, and humankind. Reserve your seat in a training program by emailing

It could be useful to study some well-known and longer-lasting thought disciplines. Philosophers such as Socrates and Plato can help you to build discernment skills. Holy leaders such as Jesus, Mohammed, and Abraham have set forth moral guidelines. Channeled information such as the Seth Material or the Urantia Book can offer an otherworldly perspective. As you study these teachings, ask yourself which opinions ring true, and which opinions do not resonate with you. Trust your personal experience, as it will always back you no matter where your thoughts may lead.