What area do you occupy? What domain(s) are you located within? A domain is a place ruled by an authority or a dominant force. This includes any body, building, city, state, nation, or galaxy. A domain can also be an emotional territory, a thought field, or as the term is more commonly used, a region of cyber space. It is a place where your mind, body, or spirit can arrive at and inhabit. Do you know the rules for each of the domains you occupy? Which domains do you set the rules for? What domains do you co-occupy? Each time you arrive at a new location take a moment to identify the domain, consider the regulations, and recognize the other occupants.


Where do you receive direction? Where do your instructions come from? You may be directed by parents, teachers, bosses, law enforcement agencies, government officials, media corporations, spiritual advisors, etc., but what about internal directives? Are you receiving any instructions from your body? Do your organs demand certain actions from you? Where is your agreement to follow these instructions? Where is your loyalty? Do you ever receive conflicting directives? Where will you align your efforts? Which directives do you primarily follow? Consistency and reliability in these efforts will create lasting bonds. Ambivalence and changing direction will spark mistrust and uncertainty.


Orientating is the process of turning, aligning, and positioning a body relative to the dominant surrounding forces. It begins by familiarizing yourself with the roles you inhabit and the duties expected of you. When you start school or begin a new job there's usually someone who will show you around and explain the organization, but in other areas of life you may need to show yourself around. Whether it's self-guided or a given tour, this process is to inform the new person of their place in the established hierarchy. Your body also has a hierarchy, with various organs ruling over individual systems under the command of the autonomic nervous system. You have a role within your body system, within your family system, within your work or school system, within Earth's ecosystem, and within your city or country. Each role has a certain set of expectations and you need to know what's involved. The orientation process is a way to layout all that's required to meet your responsibilities, allowing you to prioritize your efforts. As life is in a constant state of flux, it's important to re-orientate often to ensure all systems are aligned to the highest priority task.


The human body can act like a compass, attracted to or repulsed by the domains it encounters. At times you might feel an attraction to a specific source (which could be a body, a thought, or even an emotion), while at other times you might feel an aversion toward it. This is your body, mind, and spirit communicating with you about your present needs. Start to pay attention when you feel an attraction or an aversion, and see if you can figure out which source you are reacting to. Next, try to determine if it is a physical, mental or emotional aversion/attraction. Then try to figure out which area of your body or mind is feeling the attraction or repulsion. As the ruler of your body, it is your job to select the right sources for each of your needs, and to recognize that if one part of you is attracted to a certain source but another part is repulsed by it, there might be another source that is complementary to both parts. While it takes dedication, the more you pay attention to the reactions you're having, the more you will be able to follow your internal compass with ease.


The commands you are following may not be in your best interests. If you regularly head in a direction that leads you into harm's way, a First Depth pathology may be controlling you. Like a virus that attempts to take over the manufacturing in your cellular factories, a malignant factor may have taken a hold of your directive processing. Who or what you look to for direction, guidance, and advice ought to be examined. It's important to be conscious of those who tell you what to do. While there are many positive leaders and trustworthy authorities, there are also mal-intended individuals. Be wise and check with your body to make sure that you are not orientating toward your own peril.

If any of the following conditions are present, this could indicate a 1st Depth attention requirement: Inadequate nourishment. Over or under-responsible. Role confusion. Micromanaging. Guilt. Overwhelm. Being mistreated. Excess worry. Problems with authority figures. Rebellion. Becoming disorientated. Frequent uprooting of jobs, homes, vehicles, or relationships. Inability to settle. Sugar addiction. Headaches. Allergies. Viral infections. Ulcerations. Antibody-mediated immune system malfunction (B-Cells).


Depths Mystery can assist in tuning you in to your body to help you follow its organic authority. Through the body-centered approaches of acupressure, core synchronism, and qigong, the mind begins to align with the body, enabling you to understand its messages and decipher its codes. By following the commands from your organs, tissues, and cells, you can come into alignment with all of nature, and discover the hidden secrets to life.

Nutritionists are excellent resources to direct your attention toward the body's needs. Yoga instructors can also help the mind become aware of the body. Any mind-body modality should be able to accomplish this goal. You can help by noticing the cravings you're having and monitoring your mental, physical, or emotional reactions to the sources you encounter.