What's there? What words, images, or phrases make up your thoughts? What life forms or substances are within your body? What feelings or emotions are you encompassing? Learning to identify the content in your mind, body, and spirit is the first step toward becoming self-aware. Distinguishing between the content you choose to own (that's mine) or not own (that's not mine) is what defines the line between health and dis-ease. Improperly attributing can lead to unhealthy divisions and the potential for internal (or external) wars. Accurately identifying what you (and others) are made of, including the good parts and the bad parts is the key to the awakening process.


Where is content housed? Where is the holding vessel? Where is its edge, or limit? Can you find the boundary between one set of contents and another? Where does it become something new, different, or distinctly separate? Where is the categorical line? If the container's capacity is breeched, where does the displacement go? Where in spacetime does it belong? Beyond the familiar hard-surface container, time and space can also serve like containers, holding distinct thoughts or activities, such as work on certain days of the week, and only while at the office. Take a moment to assess if the areas in your life are adequately secured or potentially breeched. Where has a line been crossed? Is the remaining content more or less pure, or more or less tainted?


The human body is limited in its capability to process material. Content is processed at a metabolic rate, which is constricted by time. It takes time to break down, sort through, extract out, detoxify, reconstitute, and release. Excess material can be set aside to a degree, but it will not be processed until the present demand is addressed. There is a limit to your ability to deal with and digest the matters you have encountered in life. This includes physical matter (substances put into your body), subject matter (topics that enter your mind), and emotional matter (experiences that trigger feelings). Given this organic truth, you ought to consider the allostatic load your body, heart, and mind are dealing with and regulate the content that it is exposed to. Too much water can cause bloating, too much food can cause malaise, too much trauma can cause shock, too much toxicity can cause poisoning, and so on. Knowing your limits is an important requirement toward sustaining your life and maintaining equilibrium with your environment. Regulating is the act of enforcing protocols to manage everything that is on your plate.


The purpose of a shield is to block the entry of unwanted or unneeded content. It keeps substance, experiences, and topics from entering your thoughts, emotions, and physical vessel. Knowing which content is too much to handle will enable you use a shield at the immediate indication of its presence. For example, if you know that your body cannot efficiently process alcohol, caffeine, or sugar, you may wish to go into another room, using a wall to block the sights, smells, or sounds that may trigger a temptation. Shields can come in many forms, such as putting on sunglasses to block sun rays, putting on a jacket to keep out the cold, or a going around a hill to block the wind. You can use your forearm to stop an attacker from reaching your heart, and you can put your hands over your ears to muffle the lies people speak. Consuming fat provides a waxy seal that keeps soluble substances from entering cell membranes. You can also hold positions that generate an electromagnetic field that discourages certain forms from entering your domain. By recognizing your limits you can empower and enable yourself to take action to block out anything that causes too much upheaval, too much chaos, or too much disorder in your life.


Pathology invades when the labels you're using do not adequately define what actually exists. Shields and walls may be misplaced due to a false internal representation of the external world, possibly blocking out the truth. Being too general when specificity is needed, or vice versa, may allow content to enter a container that it does not belong with. Misplaced items can cause imbalance in sub-systems, jeopardizing the cohesiveness of the whole. Unsuspecting content can also sneak in through weakly defined mental categories, and a lack of enforcement can create a system with too much transition, leaking of vital nutrients, and the loss of one's ability to contain, clean-up, and recover. When the mental structure you've built cannot support the lifestyle you're living, there is the risk of a mental breakdown and your life falling apart. If one or two labels are off, it's not as dire; if multiple labels or a major category is off, the risk increases.

If any of the following conditions exist, this could indicate a 6th Depth attention requirement: Crossing the line. Law violations. Misunderstanding of what is self and other. Autoimmune problems. Premature labeling (before knowing what's on the inside or behind the appearance). Metabolic concerns (difficulty burning sufficient calories). Internal temperature variations or disparities. Mixed feelings. Mental disturbances. Physical suffering. Emotional Anguish. Prolonged inflammation. Addiction to fatty substances. Not acknowledging whom things belong to. Looking for your identity externally (based on feedback) instead of internally (based on self-understanding). Macrophage problems (foreign substance and cellular debris removal issues). Fluid imbalances.


Depths Mystery coaching services can help you organize mental clutter and sort through the false beliefs that have allowed unhealthy thoughts, feelings, or substances into your mind and body. Learn to protect the sacredness of your Being by knowing your inner treasures. Join a Depths Mystery practicum and build a strong field to repel that which does not match your true identity, or purest nature. Email for more information on these services.

Kundalini practitioners, qigong masters, and chanting exercises can strengthen your electromagnetic structure or etheric template, which helps to allocate content naturally. Working with sound vibrations, energetic emanations, and sacred geometry helps to build a protective shell.